Michael Fumento is best known for his writings about myths and hysterias in science and medicine, such as those described in his books, The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, Science Under Siege, Polluted Science, The Fat of the Land, and Bioevolution. He is also known for his reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan, where he embedded with the Navy SEALs and the 101st Airborne.


  • State of the Union

    On the prospects for controlled nuclear fusion.

    ( Economics / Critical Notes / Volume 3, Issue 2 )

  • The Nuclear Reaction

    An argument against wind and solar power.

    ( Economics / Critical Notes / Volume 2, Issue 1 )

  • Reproductive Disorders

    On reproducibility problems in biomedical research.

    ( Statistics / Critical Notes / Volume 1, Issue 2 )

  • An Outbreak of Epidemiological Hysteria

    Understanding the epidemiology of an Ebola outbreak.

    ( Statistics / Critical Notes / Volume 1, Issue 1 )