Founded in 2014, Inference: International Review of Science is an independent quarterly review of the sciences. Inference is dedicated to publishing reasoned, informed, and insightful critical essays that reflect the true diversity of thought across the fields that comprise the journal’s remit, from Anthropology to Zoology.

Inference seeks to publish a wide range of authors, from established to emerging voices, regardless of geography, and will publish essays in languages other than English, wherever possible.

Although the editors have every intention of appealing to experts for advice, Inference is not a peer-reviewed journal.

We have no ideological, political, or religious agendas whatsoever.


Steven Wheeler
Executive Editor

Sheldon Lee Glashow
Editor at Large

David Berlinski
Contributing Editor

Hortense Marcelin
Managing Editor

Hélène Cambour
Marketing Director

Jean-Michel Gruet

ISSN 2576-4403