The editors of Inference: International Review of Science welcome proposals and ideas for essays addressing topics of interest for the journal and its readership.

Journal Sections

When preparing an essay proposal, we recommend that potential authors consider their contribution in relation to the different sections of the journal and their varying requirements.

Critical Essays

A critical essay makes an argument and reaches a conclusion. Space is not a consideration.

Review Essays

Review essays are by their nature more discursive than critical essays, and they do not commit writers to any particular conclusion.


Subjects may include a book, essay, preprint, film, technical result, experiment, or laboratory.


Writers are encouraged in this section to provide an account of the life and work of various scientific figures.

Submission Format

Inference accepts essays submitted as Microsoft Word documents. Submissions received in other file formats will not be accepted. Please contact us if this requirement might present a problem for your submission.

References and Endnotes

Inference follows the Chicago Manual of Style for references and endnotes. Please refer to the following link for an overview of the CMoS notes style: