• Montaigne, Peiresc, Gassendi, and Cassini

    The Provençal Humanists and Copernicus

    by Jean-Pierre Luminet

    On the reception of the Copernican system.

    ( Astronomy/Volume 2, Issue 4 )

  • Austin L. Hughes

    The Neutral Theory of Evolution

    by Chase Nelson

    On his work on mutations in neutral and adaptive evolution.

    ( Biology/Volume 2, Issue 2 )

  • René Girard

    Desire, Violence, and Religion

    by Jean-Pierre Dupuy

    René Girard’s theory of sacrifice and mimetic desire.

    ( Sociology/Volume 2, Issue 2 )

  • The Perfect Language

    by Gregory Chaitin

    Incompleteness and uncomputability in algorithmic information theory.

    ( Mathematics/Volume 1, Issue 3 )

  • Al-Ghazali, Ulugh Beg and Taqi al-Din

    A Natural History of Curiosity

    by David Berlinski

    The pinnacles of medieval Arabic astronomy.

    ( Astronomy/Volume 1, Issue 2 )

  • Alexander Grothendieck

    A Country Known Only by Name

    by Pierre Cartier

    An appraisal by a colleague and friend.

    ( Mathematics/Volume 1, Issue 1 )